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COMPARATIVE STUDIES IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, AND CULTURE (120 ECTS) offers instruction in the following fields of specialization:

  • Medieval English Studies (Anglistik I)
  • American Studies (Anglistik II)
  • Linguistics (Anglistik III)
  • Modern English Literature (Anglistik IV)
  • Anglophone Literatures (Anglistik V)

The four-semester Master program starts once a year in the winter term (October).

This master-program is designed to prepare students for both academic and non-academic careers by furthering their research and language skills and preparing them to meet the demands of domestic and international job markets.

Application deadlines:

With degrees from foreign universities and/or other degrees than Bachelor of Arts: May 31st.

With a German Bachelor’s degree: Sep 30 th.

Please fill in our application form.


Dr. Ingrid-Charlotte Wolter

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Master Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature and Culture

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